Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oblivons' Sanctioned Dreamer

Lost on a Storm Tossed Sea
Of Cyber Windowed Blessedness
Oblivions' Sanctioned Dreamer

Animated desktop wallpapers, aladin,

Only Comments Here But None Will Come...So?
Just So As The Tale Goes Spinning Onwards
Ever Onwards Into The Dusking Hoardes

Of Inner Temperdness To Sing Wastrel Songs
That Bespeak The Sadness Of Ages Gone By
In Calumny Of Races Never Won Yet Forseeing

As If In A Glass Darkley - Beginningness Of All
In All Sublime Percpetions - Dwindling Forests
Of Futures' Parasympathetic Whine Spell Casting

Outwards To Long Dead Stars Breathing In Similitude
Fractalic Pens Of Plenitude Triumphant In A Song
Of Tattletale Wending Begun the Day You Lied Earthman

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