Sunday, August 08, 2010

Smarterware by Gina Trapani | Change your default settings

I'm in Google Chrome 5.0.375.70 testing my 'Blogger extension' button out for the first time in preparation for the assault. Getting my assault packs together getting ready for the first tier battle rattle & roll out...

Since Google Wave is dying I thought it high time for me to start using this tool that Ihaven't used since January of this year. So... this is a test.

Below is a link that I hope you will use to great profit. I'll be keeping this extension stoked as I wend the web and fare to places both near and far in Cyberia...

Smarterware | Gina Trapani

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ThinkUp is an open source social media insights engine, sponsored by Expert Labs , used by the White House, and freely available to all to download and try.

Find out more about ThinkUp at Expert Labs .

This is the project formerly known as Twitalytic by Gina Trapani .

It is nice to be nice.

Hey! It is nice to be nice! Gotta love it...

That ought to do it for now but I'll definitely be getting into the 'hang ten' of this New Wave. Interest in blogging and what all of my tools can do fro me is now waxing so I must go with this flow to see where it leads me. Over and out. Vaxen