Saturday, April 05, 2008

Flock IT to ME World!

Yahoo! Or should I say Flocker!? Well, Flock, the new social browser, is really nice. It got me back here to Cyber Deck 13, my Blogger blog so it has got to be good and it is. I was noticing that I haven' written anything to my blog here since January of 06 or 07 so this, for me, symbolizes a real new start and revolution in my own life.

I've gotten involved over at Twine asa well but Twine really isn't a blog, so they say, and I am so new there that I am still learning what the EFF it's all about.

A bit cold and rainy here today and I haven't built a fire yet so I'm sitting around in my Ski Pants, Ski boots, thanks Stanley, and Ski Jacket! There is no snow here so one might wonder what a nut like me is doing with all that ski gear on? Keeping warm silly! I will chop wood and build a fire later on. We have a nice, old, iron, wood stove in the living room - and it keeps things toasty warm to incredibly hot whenever it is in use but since it is spring now, still wintry and cold, it will be getting used less and less.

Two days ago I cleaned it out when the temps were up in the 70's so that goes to show you how close we are to warmer weather but...with all the weather wars going on cf., T.Bearden's, one can never really 'bank' on what the weather is gonna be like on a day to day basis.

I'd like to throw in some nice and savy quote from Justin Raimondo here but just can't think of any at the moment but maybe you can read some of his stuff over at Lew Rockwells where you can also sign up for a nice newsletter from the source himself. Great stuff...

Hey, I'm just blurbing this blog for now as it is so sweet just to be blogging my mind soup again! Thanks Flock, I really do appreciate this. Flock has a blog editor too so maybe I'll be able to sweat shop some new marvelous content over the weeks, months, years to come before the singularity. Oh , yeah...gotta remind myself to learn how to use Flocks built in blog editor.

Gotta learn more how to use this space, too...and I've got other blogs that haven't been updated for years either so, hopefully, I'll keep the steam going this time around and content will be the new demographic that will fill my dreams with virtual worlds of wonderment and enduring entertrainment...neuromarketing via network enabled telepathy! AFCYBER...

Here is a little CSA for you. Chaotic Synaptic Activity rather describes the way I do business with my world. Data streams upon data streams within data flows about data flows metastasized by no thingness in particular and no particulars at all...simply - DAO. Media is built around demographics. But you knew that...and America is a republic not a democracy! So there!

Social networking and the cia? ought to read iona millers' "How I stopped hating, and learned to love, the CIA" sometime. Google 'spywhisperer' for a real treat into time. The A-Space, I presume, you've heard of? Compartmentalized OSINT! Is there, can there be, such a thing? Over compartmentalization is the death of the agency for sure! Euroflow? La Femme Nikita! And spies are in - nowadays - dontcha know. Technoflak I just discovered last night.

Intel Streaker is a term I made up for a variety of reason so don't steal it yet! ;) I've copy-lefted it and copyrighted it and will copy-lift it to beyondo bizarro world soon. Leftrighunite is another one of the spaces I'm twined up in and don't know what to do with just yet, I'm so friggin busy that it seems I never get anything done but that's not true for I'm a brilliant multitasker and after the ages turn I turn back and review and see all 'what I've done,' Charlotte, and stand back...aghast!

JTC-I, Joint Transformation Command for Intelligence, as well as JIL, Joint Intelligence Lab, are two places you can learn about JOINT things and that would be a good joint endeavor for those of us into building social webs or anything like that. Communes, Moshaviim, Kibbutziim...

Commonwealths, Nations, worlds..anything! Psychochemical warfare, asa well as information warfare, and just plain old asymmetrical warfare, are becoming ever present concepts in the MSM...concepts to be deployed against the citizen soldier in the citizen based citizenshipped and chipped societies of this holoworld planet called Earth, by some.

Network centric warfare, though, is coming of age with AFCYBER and the recent Cyberstorm II scenarios in place for our mutual enjoyment, fun and games. So I hope you read the above with your tongue in your mouth and mine not in my cheek and say: Howdy stranger, good ta see ya, been a long time. And forgive my audacity in even thinking about calling myself a blogger!

Belchfire is a nice space. A new verb for your vocabs: Dixie-Chicked into oblivion..the verb being: Dixie-Chicked.

In Dixie land where I was born early on one frosty morning look away, look away, look away...Dixie land!


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