Friday, January 26, 2007

Wolf Escape

in the end time soup being created by those who be-lieve in time i find that i can stretch my mind/mentes/memory in so many awesome ways just by...

linking up.

an end to capital letters and, indeed, capitols...too. who needs government? let those who need it have it. as anyone with even a tad of sensitivity will tell you: the tyrant state and all 'ideas' of government stem out of the false belief that humans 'need' to be governed by acronyms and stupidity. self government?

that would be just grand but you must know that regardless of how free you think you are there will always be someone who wants to see you dead.

what trash is this? hell, just got a brand new dell so i'm really just taking it out for a joy ride and since i've not done much here at blogger, and just rediscovered this old account the other day... why not just write whatever comes to mind?

i thought maybe it would be fun to post somebody elses 'serious' file about the state of the mud ball worlds societies but that just didn't seem to ber appropriate.

i'm awfully fed up with capital letters too as you might have noticed. when i used to go on writing jags in the old days i'd just write and write and write and write. nothing much was ever said though some nice 'poetry' and phileo-sophia came out.

so here is this internet thing which was initially set up as a green net in case of an atomic holocaust wiping out most of the USA and, indeed, most of the inhabitable world. of course we all know about Cheyenne Mountain and what's down inside it.

there is a fellow on the net, and elsewhere, claiming that the war in iraq isn't about oil at all but that saddams people had discovered an ancient star gate there and that there is an 'alien' force on its' way through that gate to do us in. well, i am not so sure that that's what it's gonna take to do human kind in but i must consider it. geo-politics can be googled to find out who this man is and what he is saying.

since I have read the "Iron Mountain Report" i know that such a thing has been planned on in order to establish a one world government. as you may be able to tell the American dream has gone south. i never knew there was such a thing as the American dream. bur, there is/was.

for what is really going on behind the scenes think: commerce! think international banks. Bis., World Bank, IMF, and all their petty people dancing around the cesspools wherein their cherished dreams lie slumbering as they, too, soon shall be.

peace on earth has always been the cry of the tyrant and suppressor oppressor of all the dynamics of life.

gosh this dell is nice. i decided on the E521 with a 19" flat panel monitor, dual core athlon with 1 gig of memory and 166 GBs of ... space! it's a heavy little number. and i just love NT 5.01 "The Tenth Professional."

you would not believe what i have been using over the years since i started computing. my first machine was a Coleco 'Adam.' remember (sich entsinnen?) them? it used a TV as a monitor and i could also synch it up to my sound mixers and run the whole show through it as well as create 'weird' music.

weird is such a wonderful word. weirdly wired am i. it takes a pro to know when thev have been ''wired!''

RHIC-EDOM is an interesting study. anyone taking notes?

that's it for now...


ps: "love eternal will not be denied.: --- rolland allen