Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Year is the sound all over twitter and, need I say it, America. After 2009 the sounds of gunfire and firecrackers going off in the deep woods where I live gave thought to our Declaration of Independence from Tyranny as well as the hopeful reestablishment of "Original Jurisdiction" government in this country at local, state, and national levels.

Also gave thought to years gone by, things accomplished and not accomplished, the quantum entanglements of a possible futures scenario and much, much more.

My last blog/journal entry to "Cyber Deck 13 was on 05/21/08!" That was a long time ago and much water has run under the bridge in the meanwhile. That May was a hellish one for me. Downed T-Lines, blown modems, which lead to months off line until finally opting for a new carrier and also a new computer. From the old 98 and a Pentium V to a dual core monster running Windows XP Professional. Even so ... my 'Wired Space' was not all that urging me to do much of anything! 09 was a a year of deep changes at source/core levels for me.

The best part of /09 was Google Chrome and Google Wave, for me. That sounds a little too doesn't it? So be it...

I still haven't learned how to type 180 words a minute but I'm doing mucho mas mejor on that front than in years past. It's even becoming fun!

I must say that this entry is rather extempore and not at all planned out. I was doing some surfing at wave api blog and one thing lead to another and here I am! It's early in the morning of the new year's first day and my head is all wired to a frazzle.

There is much more to say but I'm going to leave that for another time. Happy New Years to all and to all a G'night!