Monday, April 07, 2008


Well. Here I've gone and done it again! Emerged into Twitter-verse for the second time around the Twitter-horn. Tweet, Tweet! Seems a lot more vacant then it did the first time around and twitter search for contacts can't seem to find my contacts in my gmail account! Weeeeeel! Tie me kangaroo down sport!

And since I am using Flock ,which has to it's/its' credit a nice looking blog editor, maybe I'll finally really have to learn how to 'touch type.' As it stands I'm practicing visualizing qwertyuiop before I go to sleep every night after my prana exercises, dead man posture musings, tantrik meditations and, sbgen theta mesmerizational sound garbings. Ta!

So...I'm writing this blog from the blog editor now and hating every moment of the badly designed qwerty keyboard yet somehow getting this done without hunt and peck for I'm a bit more advanced then that.

Now Web 4.0 will bring with it, the semantic web hasn't even reached the mainstream yet, many new weblications with which to shock-drift my already datum-drunk mynd-set! Remember that mynd = memory and memory is quantum bioelectromagnetic at core which is zero point, you guessed it, nada! And multi dimensional to boot! Hello iona miller - you delicious, "spooky," girl.

"By connecting with other members of Twine you can share information with each other. This area displays all the other Twine members you are connected to. To see who is in
Twine now and find other people to connect with," -

Twine is supposed to be Semantic (Web 3.0) Web yumminess all the way and I am getting to know here, so to speak, but how the heck much of this can a man take anyway! I need those q bit processors in my Brain right now, please!

Just thought I'd add that little rare bit for the fun of it. Now, where was I? Oh yes...Twitter! And lookie here y'all: someecards Oh, I don't yet know how to make the links here clickable as it has been a long time since I blogged here. Probably have to do an 'href' and I've forgotten most of my html so here I go again off into the codewoods of yester-year! More mental acrobatics in hyper-word-space. Maybe I'll reallylearn how to write something interesting someday.

Some e-cards...


Device updates

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I miss the days of believing Stripes was an accurate depiction of the U.S. armed forces.

And finally...

Twittering During Tornados

Living in the Bay Area, we have noticed that we reach for our phones to Twitter the second we feel an earthquake. It looks like Anne Jackson has discovered that Twitter can play a helpful role during Tornados too.
even though they were hiding in closets and basements, they could know exactly where the tornado was because of twitter.
Update: Mark has been using the Twitter track feature to follow events like Tornados and collected quite a few updates as they rolled in.
For a while now I’ve been tracking a number of keywords in Twitter to see the flow of conversation around certain topics. It happens that I’ve been tracking CNN and tornado for a while. Little did I know that these two tracks would seem to merge. With last night’s tornado rolling through downtown Atlanta the play by play, via Twitter.

Now to view then publish this masterpiece. I'm tired and twitter makes me want to go run and hide somewhere! Gotta be a better way but, hey, it's supposed to be fun, right? Fun, fun, fun, till his daddy took his PC away! That won't happen to me but twittering ALL day long? Can you say 'Valley girl?'

Later folks,


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