Sunday, May 04, 2008

Added New Widget

So here I am a twittering and blogging and...doing all kinds of net things. Following the Cyberwars induced by DARPACIADoDDoJ, et al, and feeling pretty good about myself. Good enough to blog this knowing that no one will ever see it (Law of probabilities).

Was just thinking of Ted Nelson and how he must feel round about now. Maybe he is in Sausalito on a boat creating trance-dimensional hyperforms of entheogenically hypertextual associations of something even more profoundly earth shattering than Xanadu...maybe?

But...he left the net when it became commercial and Xanadu never really took off - though you can search-street it all you want and who knows what you'll come up with?

Well, I've been mildly twittering a lot of late. Adding people to follow, gaining a few followers, and just generally enjoying the application I used to hate. I don't hate much of anything anymore if anything at all. Hate is such a useless causal emotion. Creates all kinds nasty widgits in ones' life and is in general a great big drag hate.

But twitter has a hidden core that most don't think about. It's technocity. I've gained a lot of new tech sites from twitter and am beginning to meet a lot of new technograds who make my twitter experience, well, worth while. Like ponzarelli, for instance @ponzarelli, whose got some very good content over at her blog. Or @nobosh who got me into nobosh a place I love a lot. Oh, too many to name and too many sites to garner to put em up all here right now like in this wee article but...I'm impressed.

May already and the day is bright and sunny but it'd be nice to hop on a plane and go to London for a spot of whatever with @jemimakiss who is a journalist of calibur and a sweet person. Yeah Ted Nelson. Too stuck up to use what you helped create?

Still, I wish you were here to share some of that marvelous brain of yours with us...outside the Xanadu format.

Neuroblogalistically speaking I know that one - is kind of crass - and not very shiny at all. But...out of the darkness comes the light, not the other way around, and the darkness shields the light from all that gooey dark stuff! Again we wax prolific using words with hidden meanings that make no sense.

Be it so! An old Zen saying goes like this: Just so! I guess it comes from the Japanese proclivity of using the expression 'So Ka!' when they've understood another one of your brilliant mouthings.

Ah, my days with the Soka Gakkai were pretty cool days and sometimes I wish I could hop on a Jet and fly away to japan, go to Mount Fuji, visit the Sho Hondo, do Tozan Tai, and drink some Saki whilst watching Sumo on some itty bitty T.V. made by Sony Corp., in some dark alley, in Sasebo, at a Kunyako stand - eating Kunyako and just...smelling the smells there.

Maybe, who knows, the web will take me back to that land and culture that I love so much.

Now do I really have to check this thing for typos? Have you seen Justin Raimondos' latest on the neo-cons' saber rattling at Iran? I doubt you'll find the piece at TechTalkz or at me.dium is at FFF as well as Lew Rockwells street it up if you've a mind to.

More and more lately I less and less that world of blitheringly insane and apocalyptic nihilism and nihilists. We make our own realities.

I never agreed to all the humans bashing humans that goes on in this world. So I'll do my bit to be more source, more I am, more in the now which always is for remember what Buckaroo Banzai said? "Wherever you go there you are." So true, so true, and the essence of all Chan/Zen discourse. Bringing you into focus in the now. So...whatever you focus on is what you are focussed on and that shaping brings that focus into objective form. Wombats unite!

And so that's it for the moment. Twitter me @vaxen_var and say hello to the moon for yourself. Pointing a finger at the moon...I saw? The moon... Seeing the reflexion of the moon in the dark pond there in Golden Gate Park, S.F., one night...I reflected back upon myself and came to G'day mates...

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